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Forklift Sales

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You need the right equipment to do the job, at the right price. When considering a capital equipment purchase, many questions come to mind. How to pay for the equipment; purchase outright; term lease & return; or lease-to-own equipment? Many factors come into play when making the decision to buy, rent, or lease. Through our many leasing companies and “special rates” offered, subsidized by the manufacturers we represent, we can offer many options, to suit your needs best.

New Equipment

New equipment is always being replaced in our inventory. We try to keep “Best Sellers” on hand. Ordered units come from our manufacturers on a regular basis. The sooner you make a purchase, the better deals you’ll find, as new material prices continue to rise. So now is the right time to buy.

Used Equipment

We offer an equally diverse selection of used equipment. Most of our used equipment is available as rental equipment. We inspect all used equipment and disclose any issues with the equipment upfront. Most of the used equipment we have requires only minor repairs or tune-ups. Some of our used equipment is returned rental equipment that is now available for purchase. Such equipment tends to be in good shape since it was recently in service. Our used equipment includes yard and warehouse lifts, electric reach, counter-balanced, order pickers, pallet trucks, man-lifts and more. Other used equipment can be located upon request. Please ask us about your needed style of equipment.

Rental Equipment

Our rental equipment is comparable to the equipment we have for sale. Some of our rental equipment is used equipment we also have on the lot. We fully disclose the age and general condition of all rental equipment upfront before you rent it. All rental equipment has been tested and is fully operational. We also inspect all rental equipment to ensure that any equipment you rent from us is perfectly safe to use. Safety is always our top priority with any products we offer for sale or rent. To get a rental unit, call us at (715)355-1668 and we’ll help find a machine for you that meets all your specifications and requirements. All rental equipment is also available for sale!

For additional information on forklift sales and forklift service, talk to one of our experts today for affordable solutions for your material handling needs. Call us today at (715) 355-1668. Industrial Repair Service of Wausau: Immediate Reliable Satisfaction!